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Bracelets and necklaces

2.Determine the size of the hole that will feel the beads.If you can be using jewelry wire, a common length is 0.8 millimeters, So it is best to Cheap Pandora Charms choose a drill bit that is just slightly larger.If you'd like to use nylon cord, a popular choice for shell neck laces, the average size is 2 mm.Go with a size made just for you.

3.Set up your training location.Make sell at a discount sure that you find a stable, flat surface to assist in preventing roll off if you drop a bead.Fill your bead tray with shells and you should get some safety goggles.

4.Insert the right size drill bit into the drill.Place a small piece of painters tape ott of the shell, where problems drilling;This puts a stop to cracks.Rub your thumb across the tape for it is secured.

5.Position the shell beads, tape half up, on job surface.Hold the drill steady and slowly drill a hole along with the shell.Your tape and place your new bead in an empty slot in the bead try.

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