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Ad servers and marketers often employ associated valueTo elevate a product's perceived value.JamesTwitchell describesThis concept as an effective meanTo set a product apart from its competition,"If you wishTo borrow value for an object, you insert it near objects of well-Known value.Proximity implies likeness.Advantage leaks, apple computer's macintosh advertisement 1984 and nike's shoe commercial flight jordan epitomizeThe successful employment of associated value in promotional initiatives.When apple computer aired 1984 during an industrial break of super bowl xviii,The consumer market received its first glimpse ofThe macintosh personal pc.Although international business machine's corporation overwhelmingly dominatedTheTechnology industry, apple computer's association ofThe macintosh computer with george orwell's novel 1984 quickly established corporation as a competitor.The private, which depicted mac as a female athlete liberating herself fromThe confines of your government, sent a clear messageToThe market,"Ibm just isn't male, it is larger male.And apple is not female, but new ladies.She is high, specific sport, independent, and consequently, critical, liberated" (Twitchell 190).Such comparison between apple computer and ibm permanently impacted consumer perceptions of both i.T.Companies.Right now, consumers associate apple computers with functionality and empowerment.

In a similar way, weiden and kennedy's advance of flight jordan, a commercial featuring jordan in nike shoes, launched the basketball player and athletic apparel company into superstardom.As with subsequent versions of this legendary ad, flight jordan connected michael jordan's unparalleled basketball skills to his sneakers.For this reason, the consumer market associated owning the ultimate pair of nike sneaker web-Site and get access michael jordan's skills.Jeremy twitchell, who is the word for michael jordan's selling power as the"Michael the air nike jordans effect, describes the field hockey player's ability to harness youthful consumers,"What he sells is concept, the perception of the brand jordan.He sells it so well that he was accountable for rocketing nike from 18 percent of the sneaker market to 43 percent in just a decade" (Twitchell 215).As with apple computer's association with liberation from larger, nike's association of athletic shoes to the athletic ability of jordan in the 1980's established the quality and popularity of the brand.

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