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Cracked photoplasty contest discussion thread not for your Cheap Pandora Bracelets own entries

Cracked the homepage here photoplasty contest discussion thread not for your own entries

I never posted a photoplasty entry before but had a funny(At least from my perspective)Idea for rather than contest.The rules have confused me.I thought photoplasty means you find a picture on google and then alter it to fit the matter.But the principles state we have to send in original work.

On the net a picture on google i want to use, by switching to fit my idea, but how do i know it is dependable?

Except he in asynchronous, geosynchronous, or just geostationary or elsebit, whereby he would simply continue to orbit the earth, nearly for forever(Nevertheless in asynchronous, it will be easy that his orbit may decay, but he would maintain his orbit trajectory as he got the hot foot a person can have upon reentry).

Naturally he in asynchronous, geosynchronous, or simply geostationary or it may bebit, Pandora Charms Canada in which particular case he would simply continue to orbit the earth, nearly for forever(Regardless that in asynchronous, it's possible that his orbit may decay, but he would maintain his orbit trajectory as he got the hot foot a person can have upon reentry).

Simple fact, wedding attendents is also a state of freefall, exactly the place speed of the fall counteracts the gravitational pull.As an example, in geostationary and geosynchronous the speed of the fall happens to corrolate with the speed of the world rotation.An object in all of these orbits are not truly stationary, just appear so(In the event oe geostationary).Any object at that altitude truly in relation to the centerpoint of the earth would be pulled by gravity back to the top planet(Probably a little bit of beneath the surface)

Review of every one of the point out flaws in ficitional technology photoplasty because i have insomnia.

1 Stupid Ships are much better for carrying scanners, Freight, And crew long spins around the block.Also trans warp teleportation could be very energy intensive and you arrive blind.Further, the is too small and it not funny.

2 erroneous A Phasor isn a Laser.It is phased light insurance plan that is technobabble, it hard to say what we can and can do.If it hits with kinetic force or disrupts the body electrically powered signalling matrix it could stun

3 Tired and inaccurate As shown in the show several times, A Transporter doesn't have to actually disentegrate you.The energy found in a human body if subject to atomic disentegration would be in the gigaton blast range.The transporter reduces you to molecular pattern and directs it to a new location.The tv show where barclay gets a parasite proves it.

4 Good interesting and true

5 Good well put together

6 So so Wonder Woman can see not in the visible spectrum, Which is usually where the readouts are.On top of that, she will fly, why does she need these.It also doesn carry fuel or that might be visible being burned if nothing else.

7 Meh hydroponics

8 very Yup, Doozy

9 hilarious hee hee.With his Pandora Jewelry Sale contrary?Like one handed people i guess.

10 Stupid If you can make Gravity inside your ship, Which would be a damned good idea since extended exposure to Zero G is not particularly healthy, May generate Anti Gravity.Rather-Undemanding.

11 Terrible The citizenry are satisfied idiots who know dick about tech, They might sheep.Senna(Lenny characteristics)Is a tech guy who works for the federal government.

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